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Board News


Unity of Blue Water
Board of Trustees
July 2018

Peter Werle, President


Maureen Forbes,
Vice President




Maureen Kilpatrick, Secretary


Pat Pallarito, Trustee


Bill Karl, Trustee



Rev. Julie Montague,
Board Member

Board updated May 20, 2018

Many thanks to Angie McCallumore for her long service on the Board. Bill Karl is moving into the role of Trustee, from his position of Alternate.


Annual Meeting held Feb. 18, 2018

Board update:  We would like to thank outgoing Trustee Craig McCue for his long and wise service to our Board.  

Congratulations to our newest board member Maureen Forbes  and our new alternate board member Bill Karl.  The board will elect their officers at our next board meeting in March.


Annual Meeting held Feb. 12, 2017 at noon.

Our Board of Trustees for the current year is shown at left. Officer positions will be voted on at the March 2017 board meeting.

The current project to rennovate the lobby entrance is coming together nicely. Replacement windows and outdoor siding will be completed in March.


Annual General Meeting held Feb. 14, 2016

Election of Board of Trustees was held during the Annual General Meeting. Officers were elected later at the February meeting of the new Board.

Board Announcement, Nov. 4, 2015
New Minister Rev. Julie Montague to begin Jan. 10, 2016

It is accomplished!
We have done the work by allowing spirit to work through us and we are experiencing the results. Our wonderful new minister, Julie Montague, is on her way in January. We aren't lucky she is coming, we are ready!

This is a time of gratitude and rejoicing.  We have so much to be grateful for and it is important to take the time to celebrate.  ... and reflect on all of the synchronicities that have taken place to get us here.

Sometimes looking back can be helpful especially when we look back to find the good.  Some things that seem hard and challenging in retrospect we can find that those very things have moved us forward in ways we never could have imagined. Take a few moments this week and reflect on the last few years and see if you can think of the things we have done to bring new energy into the church.

Working with our dear friend Kathy Long these past two years has blessed our community in so many ways I think it would be great if we all sent her thank you emails to let her know! I know that my life has been enriched by her guidance and loving support. Call the office and Jacie will give you her address.

Let's also take a few moments to send blessings and loving thoughts to all of the speakers who have blessed us with their messages over the last few years, they have sustained us and kept us going while we have been without a minister.

Keep Julie in your prayers as she is moving a long way from her family to be with her spiritual family here and will need our joyful and loving energy during this time.


From the Board, Oct. 7, 2015

Thank you everyone for your energy and input during this time of transition for our spiritual community!  We have so many wonderful opportunities in front of us as well as all the wonderful things already accomplished.  Make sure you take the time to appreciate and celebrate the completion of the goals we have set for ourselves and our community here at Unity of Blue Water.

The search committee is still going strong and are looking forward to having Julie Montague share her message and workshop with us at the end of the month. For some this will be the first time meeting Julie and for others it will be a reunion.  Although Julie is our only candidate at this time, she is a strong one at that and we are fortunate to be able to consider her for our minister!

Another wonderful class is coming our way this month.  The whole board will be taking the Boundaries and Our Virtues class and we highly recomend it to our team leaders and congregation.

We also will be able to see the much anticipated movie A Chorus in Miracles.  Yes that is A CHORUS in Miracles, the course is celebrating its 50th aniversary by offering this movie experience and our spiritual community is one of the places around the country to be lucky enough to show it.  So tell your friends!

At this months stewardship meeting we will be asking for input and going into disernment.