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The Luck Factor

A Series of Talks - March 3, 10 and 17 at 10:30 a.m.

Presented by Rev. John Considine during regular Sunday Service

A radical way to help attract good fortune

The author of The Luck Factor is Richard Wiseman, PhD, University of Herefordshire. He says, "My research revealed that lucky people do not achieve their dreams and ambitions purely by chance.  Nor does fate conspire to prevent unlucky people from obtaining what they want. Instead, lucky and unlucky people achieve, or fail to achieve, their ambitions because of a fundamental difference in how they think about both themselves and their lives."


From amazon.com:

Why do some people lead happy, successful lives while others face repeated failure and sadness? Why do some find their perfect partners while others stagger from one broken relationship to the next? What enables some people to have successful careers while others find themselves trapped in jobs they detest?
And can unlucky people do anything to improve their luck—and lives?

Ten years ago, Professor Richard Wiseman decided to search for the elusive luck factor by investigating the actual beliefs and experiences of lucky and unlucky people. The results reveal a radical new way of looking at luck.

In this book Wiseman identifies the four simple behavioural techniques that have been scientifically proven to help you attract good fortune. He then shows how you can use these methods to revolutionise every area of your life—including your relationships, personal finances and career.


Rev. John says:

What this study at the University of Herefordshire by author and researcher Richard Wiseman Ph.D. defines as "luck," we in Unity know as the ability to manifest through using Spiritual Law. It's so great to see it amplified and extended in scientific form. Y'all come!