A positive path for spiritual living

Lent begins

This year's 40-day season of Lent begins Feb. 14 and ends March 31.

Here is inspiration from Rev. Julie Montague

Affirmation:   My thoughts, words, and actions reveal my loving nature.

In First John 4:12 we read “If we love one another, God lives in us.”

February is the month of love and this year Valentine’s Day falls on Ash Wednesday, or the first day of Lent.  Lent has been known to be a 40 day period of giving up something you like/love as a sacrifice to God.  In Unity, we understand that what we dwell on in mind and heart has the power to create joy, love and happiness or sickness, stress and upset, depending on where you focus your mind. 

Jesus described God as “Love and Spirit”.  The Golden key to life is that we can choose to unlock the inner door to love and Spirit anytime we are feeling down, sad, angry or depressed.  Our mind and feelings can be directed to choose love instead of anger at any time.  Love really is the answer to everything we encounter in life.  How deep is your Love?   Is it deep enough to give up mean thoughts about others?   Deep enough to choose not to look for what is wrong with others, the government or your boss? Instead, we need to see it all as a wonderful opportunity to grow in compassion, to be Love and Spirit. “Don’t look for the Kingdom of Heaven here or there, for the Kingdom is within you.”  - Words from our Master Spiritual Teacher Jesus the Christ.

So, on Valentine’s Day, give up any limiting thoughts. Live in the knowing that all is LOVE and all love comes from God.  I know you will enjoy a time of unconditional love for the entire Universe.