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Greg Tamblyn Comedy Concert

Greg Tamblyn gave a delightful performance at Unity of Blue Water on June. 2.

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A Healthy Dose of Comic  Relief

Friday, June 2 at 7 p.m. at Unity of Blue Water


Get a healthy dose of conscious comic relief! Enjoy an evening of hilarious, heartfelt musical musings and mindful mischief. Greg's songs and stories impart empowering life messages and spiritual insights through the right-brain doorway of music and laughter. It's "Ha Ha" with an "Aha!"

Elevate your endorphins, amplify your amusement, and improve your digestion with hilarious songs and stories that help us celebrate the best in ourselves, and laugh at the rest of ourselves. They're like WD-40 for our relationships, our moments of confusion, the things we want to accomplish in life, and our connection to the Big Mystery.

Did you know that amusement is a very high vibration? For all of us genuine, one-of-akind humor beings, silliness is a marvelous way to explode our limitations. Take a musical joyride into Mystery and Mirth, the Profound and the Absurd, the Weird and the Wonderful, the Psychological and the Spiritual, the Sacred and the Silly.


  • Get a comedy hangover that lasts all week!
  • Join us for an evening of mindful mischief and musical mirth.
  • Tone your funnybone and tune your heartstrings.
  • We’ll be vibrating at the frequency of fun.
  • Bring your friends. They'll still be your friends afterward. Honest.
  • All fun-loving, forward-thinking folks are welcome.
  • Bring your analog brain in a digital world for a welcome return to the NOW. The great thing about being in the NOW is you never can run out of NOW. There's always more NOW later.
  • Remember: ten minutes of laughter is worth an hour of meditation. So after this concert you won’t have to meditate for a week!



TICKETS: Call to now to reserve your seats 810-982-2820.
$10 in advance. After May 25: $15 per person, or $25 for you and a friend

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