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Community Outreach

Local inspiration – Giving Back

Nominate your favorite local force for good to receive a share of our tithes

Unity of Blue Water practices tithing – giving 10% of the gifts it receives to Unity Worldwide Ministries, Silent Unity and other organizations in line with our mission.

Now we intend to focus one quarter of our monthly tithes, to help support a local community group or force for good in our area.

You are invited to nominate a group or person who inspires you, to be considered for next month’s gift.

Nominations will be accepted at each Stewardship Meeting on the second Sunday of each month after service. Our Board of Trustees will choose the recipient of the next monthly tithe at their next Board meeting. The recipient will be announced at the next Sunday service and on the website.

Each month we will start over with new nominations submitted at the Stewardship Meeting. If your group is not selected, you are free to submit them again at a future Stewardship Meeting.

To nominate a local charity or person that inspires you, submit the following information in person at the next Stewardship Meeting:

•  Name of organization or person
•  Their address and contact information
•  Just a few words on how they inspire you (100 words or less)
•  Your name and contact information

The recipients of our community inspiration tithes will be posted here and announced at Sunday service:


Local group or person


March 2016  Deidre Slingerland of First Congregational Church, PortHuronDeidre’s mission work for schools in Nicaragua through Random Acts of Kindness